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I am a professional celebrity makeup artist, with more than eight years of experience. I have worked with lot of wonderful people in my career.

I specialize in Wedding makeup artistry, and have growing list of happy clients who love to look beautiful.We do full set of makeup and hairstyling for Wedding FIlms & Advertisements.

We use only professional and branded make up. So you can rest assure that nothing but the best is used to create your perfect look.
Beautiful wedding makeup

Pro consultations
8 years experience
Good makeup products 
Award-winning service
Waterproof makeup
Long lasting makeup
Beautiful wedding hair & drape

Your hair could be short, long or layered. you will be surprised to see how your hair beautifully goes well with the style.

Straight, curly or an updo. or adorning hair with a jewellry.

Draping in style, look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous, with our wide range from tradition to contemporary draping.

On the wedding day:

Regular makeup
Hi- Definition makeup
Airbrush makeup       
(Includes Makeup, Hairstyling & Draping)
Bride's family/friends  
(for one occasion)
(Trails are held at our makeup studio)
Makeup and hair 
(Trial money will not be refunded/deducted)
Welcome to MAYUR Salon , the leading salon pre bridal make-up artist of udaipur .we connects you to hair and make-up artists, fashion stylists, photographers and other people from the industry. Employers can now easily look for an artist to work with on either a fashion shoot, exhibition work or even a forthcoming Event.

Wedding is an extremely important event in the life of every woman. On this special day, a woman leaves no stone unturned to look beautiful. However, it is desired that you pay some extra attention to ensure that you avail some of those indispensable beauty treatments so that you look flawlessly beautiful. There are so many beauty salons that offer you pre-bridal beauty packages. But at the same time, they are quite expensive too! Moreover, these packages may not necessarily be customized as per your needs. You are special and your needs are special too! That is why, take care to choose your beauty treatments as per your needs. Having said that, there are some treatments that you just cannot do without! Whether you start it months ahead or you get it done just a couple of days before your marriage, here are the top ten pre-bridal beauty treatments to look for!

1. Threading your eyebrows: Threading has now almost become a necessity. Whether it is an occasion as special as your wedding or the mundane daily affairs, you need to get your eye-brows shaped nicely. Threading is the most widely known treatment to get shapely eyebrows. Normally, you should try to go for threading sometime between 2 to 4 days ahead of your wedding. The eyes of an Indian bride deserve particular attention. So, can you really leave your eyebrows unattended?
eyebrow threading

2. Waxing: Waxing ensures that you get hair-free smooth body. Go for a waxing session at least a week ahead of your wedding. This will help your skin to get rid of the extra-sensitiveness by the time you get married. Moreover, if you have many areas of your skin to be waxed, try not to get it all done on the very same day. It is tedious and painful! Say, one day you keep for achieving hair-free arms and legs. On the next day, get your tummy, back and neckline waxed. Do not forget to treat your skin with extra care after waxing. Know how to care for skin after waxing here- so that you don?t sport red bumps on your arms along with your wedding jewelry.

3. Bikini waxing: Wedding brings along promises of beautiful and intimate moments with the person you love and with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life. Getting a bikini wax would help to make those special moments even more memorable. Know how to get a bikini wax here-

4. Facials: Getting a smooth body sans hair is not the only key to being gorgeous. Getting a spotless, glowing and radiant skin is very vital. The face is the mirror of the mind and your countenance should emanate the magnificence of your mind. Go for regular facials for at least six months prior to your wedding. More importantly, go for a gold facial (, a diamond facial ( or a pearl facial (, as per your requirement and watch your face glow like never before!

5. Body polishing: Exfoliation is the key to revealing smooth skin. Body polishing treatment ensures that your body is thoroughly scrubbed and hydrated so that your skin looks young and beautiful, always!

6. Pedicure: A bride is always under the scanner and hence, you can never take a chance! Go for a pedicure to get attractive feet, because so many wedding rituals will involve the exhibition of the same.

7. Manicure: The hands of the bride should exude exquisiteness. She is about to be the ?laxmi? of her new house and her hands ought to radiate abundance and bounty. Pamper your hands with a nourishing manicure treatment to get lovely hands in no time.

8. Hair-colour: A bride?s beauty lies in her freshness and youth. Hence, never take a chance as far as your grey hairs are concerned. In this world of pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, many young women get unwanted grey hair. It is desired that you don?t sport grey hair as a bride. Get your hair colored in lovely shades of burgundy, brown or black. Opt for a reputed salon and expert advice so that you don?t have to worry much regarding the side effects of hair coloring.

9. Hair spa: Hair spa would help you get soft and silky hair. Opt for regular hair spas before your wedding so that your manes look absolutely dazzling on this important day of your life!

10. Body massage: Wedding involves a lot of stress. The apprehension of starting a new life in an all-new environment lends unwanted pressure in the mind of the bride. Thus, you need to relax! Nothing can stress your wedding-jitters in a better way than a body massage. Rejuvenate yourself at a spa of your choice.

With these top ten pre-bridal beauty treatments, you are all equipped to get married. Be a beautiful bride and do not forget sport the wonderful combination of confidence and coyness. More than any beauty package, it is this unique combination that lends beauty to an Indian bride!

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Frequently asked questions

1) How do I book you for my wedding day?
 You can call us on +91 9251412285, +91 9251417586 or fill  the Enquiry form . Its always good to book us well in advance to avoid disappointment. we take a non refundable 50% advance amount when you book.

2) Does the makeup look heavy in the pictures?
 Our new makeup application techniques makes you feels and look good.

3) Do you give trials before the wedding day?
 Yes, we do. Trials are very important for those brides who wants to perfect their look. Makeup shall be held at our parlor/studio.

4) What all does the fee includes?
 It includes makeup, hairstyling and draping.

5) Do you also provide jewellery and other costume accessories?

6) What products do you use?
 We use the right products depending on the skin type. 
Also our makeup lasts really long, and is waterproof too.