groom-beauty-salon-udaipur-groommakeup-beautician-udaipurThe groom must be immaculate for his wedding day as well. Brides seem to know everything there is about preparing and primping for this important day. But, in all the flurry of activities necessary to having the wedding day go smoothly, grooms often overlook their own styling and primping needs. Wedding memories and photos last a lifetime so both the bride and groom must look splendid in their wedding attire and appearance.

Are facials bad for my skin?
Facials will not make your skin worse. We have facials and home care products designed to enhance your skin and make-up for photo shoots and weddings.

What is a sea salt scrub?
Exfoliating sea salt sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving your whole body soft and smooth. This service may be combined with a massage to enhance its effects.

Therefore husband-to-be must follow grooming tips to ensure they are properly prepared for being the center of attention on their nuptial day. If you wish to match up to the beautiful woman standing next to you on your wedding day then head straight to Monsoon where the Wedding make up artists would prep up your face with some light base and help you style your hair along with providing all the help you need with your outfit.

How can I ensure that my manicure and pedicure will last?
A Shellac Manicure or Pedicure dries quickly and is designed to last for a minimum of two weeks with no chipping. We highly recommend Shellac services for weddings.

Why do you recommend massage in wedding packages?
Massage is a great way to soothe nerves and relax just before or after a wedding. It is a luxurious gift to yourself or anyone in your bridal party.

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Fruit bleach
Waxing (Full arms and full legs)
Hair Cut and Threading
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