Haircut Salon in Udaipur
Each one of us is beautiful. It’s the way we choose to define our beauty that makes all the difference.
A wreath of dark kohl around the eyes may do the trick for you or just a hint of smoke on the lids. All gloss, no color could be your pick but lusciously red lips may work for you as well.
There are just as many ways of enhancing beauty as there are people seeking them.
What’s important is to know what works for you the best. And the best way to find out is with Mayur Salon Udaipur.
Transformation Looks
We welcome you to the world of stunning looks and all the wonderful feelings that come along.
Come, discover in yourself what you’ve always desired. With the miracle of Airbrush, we’ve defined 3 new looks, exclusively for you: Fresh, Glam and Diva. Choose what you want to be!
Each look is just as gorgeous, as unique as you are!
Pure mineralized base used in sheer colors giving a long lasting natural glow with minimum application of mineral translucent powders lightly dusted off, eyes are kept fresh with biscuit or rose baked eye shadow, mascara and blushed cheeks in apricot, lips are also kept natural beige, hair is straightened out while giving little body and density-very angelic!
The foundation is in porcelain finish with the necessary face contours, eyes are deepened with dark sultry pigment colors and hint of ivory sparkle dust in the centre, heavy kohl making the eyes more expressive, cheekbones are bronzed, lips are in sheer gloss, making sure that the look does not go out loud. The hair is curled up to give loads of body and the oomph factor, totally a runway trend!
A sculpted silicon base is done with complete face contouring to chisel the face further; eyes are large with rich jet black thick winged liner with false lashes and heavy mascara, white kohl is used to open up the eyes furthermore, lips are bold in Diva red making this look complete. Hair is made in a vintage style, with curvy side fringe and a twisty bun on the side. A true Red carpet look!
Transformation Looks
Airbrush Make Up: wear Make Up the way movie stars do!
Just like celebrities, get your make-up done now with air brush. It will not only give you glowing resplendent look but will also stay for much longer.
The advantages of Airbrush make-up are numerous. Now add to it the Mayur Salon Udaipur expertise and what you get is a world of long lasting amazing looks, with perfect finish.
Forget the hassles of using sponges, brushes and fingers. Airbrush Make-up involves spraying of make-up elements directly on the skin.
We, at Mayur Salon Udaipur, use the most premium and gentle Airbrush cosmetics. We mainly offer two varieties of Airbrush Make-up – Silicone and Water based.
While Silicon Airbrush Make-up is recommended for professionals like theater artists, models and movie stars, Water-based Airbrush Make-up is ideal for achieving the perfect everyday look.
Airbrush Make-up is just right for the women of today and here’s why:
The look achieved with the help of Airbrush Make-up stays on for 10 to 20 hours. It doesn’t get absorbed in the skin pores or disappear. It’s safe to share the Airbrush as it never comes in direct contact with the skin. There are special cosmetics kits for legs and thighs which conceal veins and discolorations.
Special effects, such as stencil tattoos can also be achieved with perfection using the Airbrush Make-up.
Visit any Mayur Salon Udaipur center or Day Spa and start looking like a star too!
Other Make Up
All make ups are totally customized here at Mayur Salon Udaipur, depending on our client’s events, face structure and personality.
The basic fundamental rule is to make sure the client looks and feels confident with which ever look she chooses.
To make things easier for all our esteemed guests we have jotted down few looks which are ever green and total hot sellers across the country. Which are as follows:
Party Make Up
Smoky Make Up
Natural Blushed Make Up
Glossy Make Up
Lebanese Make Up