Mayur Salon Spa Udaipur offers the finest treatments for your skin, hair and body in Udaipur, India. We have been in this business since the year 1985. We provide of beauty services on Hair Care, Skin Care, Makeup Care, Facials Care,Body Care, Manicure Care, Pedicure Care and Waxing Care. Our facility team is warm and inviting; which is very conducive for relaxing one’s body and mind. We serve our clients with a solid feeling of energy that has helped us to create as a standout amongst the most niche salons in Udaipur, giving an advantageous experience to all our customers.

Hair Styling
Our trained hair stylists can manage any kind of mane. Unruly or poker straight, curly or wispy; with their styling techniques and expertise; our stylists deliver the perfect cut customized for your face and hair type.waves to straight, browse our stylists’ library of step-by-step instructions to achieve looks you’ll love for any occasion.Our stylists are at the top of their games and know our products like no one else. These hair care tips tell all their secrets.

Hair Spa in udaipur
Hair spa is a deep conditioning treatment for scalp problems like dandruff, dryness or redness on the scalp. It helps maintain our natural hair structure with extra luster and glow. Hair spa helps get rid of most scalp problems for a healthy scalp and a healthy hair growth.In today’s ever pacing world maintaining your looks is actually tough. And, one part of your beauty that suffers the worst onslaught of hectic lifestyle, stress, pollution and much more, is your hair. So, hair spa treatments have become a quintessential need for every woman. Indeed, hair spa provides deep relaxation, nourishment and, most importantly, hydration to your hair. It is also a great way to pacify you distressed mind from the stress caused by day-to-day tension and stress. You can infuse a healthy glow into your hair with these spa treatments at home. There is no doubt that your kitchen is filled with the best beauty remedies– be it for hair or skin.

Hair Color in Udaipur
Choose from a swatch the coveted shade for your complexion and hair type.Developed for the brunettes that wish to be honeyed up. A mixture of slices and ballgame that is painted on in four different shades to give a really peachy yet softly lightened effect. The re-growth then becomes manageable and the effect is sexy, beautiful and softly textured.Painting color on wet, not dry hair is hair-friendly, causing less dryness like the classic highlight can. This technique can provide natural looking highlights reminiscent of the effects of the sun or can be made more street by painting the lights to the ends of the hair for a chic look.

Hair Straightening in Udaipur
The methods for hair straightening are almost the same for both men and women. You can straighten your hair either by visiting a beauty salon or you can just do it by yourself at home. People usually go to salon if they want to do a permanent straightening as it has more to do with chemical products to straighten the hair and the effect lasts longer. For temporary hair straightening, people prefer to straighten their hair at home by using a hair straightener. The cost for hair straightening differs from one beauty salon to another; it also depends on the thickness, length and type of the hair.

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